As it was

This story begins a few centuries ago, when farmers spent many hours, sometimes whole days, in the countryside surrounding Alberobello to pick up the best crops. They were simple people with a great culture of genuine taste and, when they took a break, they did not miss the chance "to nibble something". They sat in the shadow of the majestic olive trees and enjoyed what we might call the "Farmer’s brunch", carefully prepared at home, usually by their wives, real “hearth keepers”, before going to the fields. Often it was a slice of bread seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and tomatoes, with a homemade cake.

The day ended soon in the trulli. In the afternoon, the farmers brought the crop to their destination, dined and went to bed under the alcoves, being their "sleeping areas". Sleeping in a trullo is an experience to be done in Alberobello, relying though on modern services and high quality comfort.

Today, from "as it was" to "as it is", the taste in our breakfast room changes very little: just a slight touch of innovation that allows us to offer the scents and flavors of the Itria Valley in the healthiest way possible.

We wait for you to share this story of taste in Alberobello, where our staff take care of our local and international customers’ needs, with respect for the local culture. Good awakening!

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